A View of and a View from William Wallace Tower - Weekly Photo

It's always fun to look back at some of you earliest work. This week's selection is going back 11 years to some of my first ever digital pictures (on a 3 megapixel camera) in Stirling, Scotland looking at the William Wallace tower and also from the top of the tower. Yes, it's the William Wallace from the Braveheart movies, he has a whole tower dedicated to him in the city of Stirling, site of one of his more famous battles.

Stirling was hands down one of the highlights from that trip, I would love to go back there again and really explore more of that wonderful region.

William Wallace Tower as Seen from Stirling Castle
Panoramic View of Stirling from the William Wallace Tower

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Storm Break at Sunset Panoramic - Weekly Photo

One thing I love about doing panoramic photos is the opportunity to expand beyond the standard dimensions of the camera frame. I remember the first time I experienced Disneyland's Circle Vision as a kid and being blown away seeing a film that gave you a 360 degree perspective. The idea of expanding the photographic canvas beyond the standard 2x3 or 4x5 dimensions is quite inspiring.

This week's photo was again from my trip through Utah this past summer we were on our way from Blanding to Mexican Hat, Utah when the stormy cloud-cover cleared enough at sunset to make this dramatic image possible.

Storm Break at Sunset
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Thunderclouds Forming Over Arches Natl. Park - Weekly Photo

Our first full day in Moab we were treated to some rather dramatic thunderheads that eventually became a significant late spring storm. Unbeknownst to us we were about to begin three days of significant rain with intermittent patches of sunshine. It might make for spectacular pictures but it does wreak havoc on a campsite. This particular image really stood out to me because of the repetition of the sandstone shapes in the clouds.

Thunderheads Forming Over Arches National Park

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Highlighted Butte Near Mexican Hat, UT - Weekly Photo

This image was what I consider a serendipity moment on the road. We were leaving the Cedar Mesa area heading down to our next major destination White Pocket (of which I have shown several images). Most of our drive was gloomy and overcast but just as we were near Mexican Hat, and dinner, the sky started to break creating the scene you see here. We didn't seek out the particular spot we just kind of fell into it.

Highlighted Butte Near Mexican Hat Utah

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Darwin's Table at Sunset - Weekly Photo

A year ago this Labor Day weekend my brothers and I did a 4-day 36-mile trek through Evolution Valley, smack-dab in the middle of the John Muir Trail in the Eastern Sierras. We saw some incredible country as we cut through the mountains, including this great shot on our last night on Darwin's Table. The entire day we had the remnants of a summer storm dissipate over the mountains overhead, and as the sun began to set we were treated to quite a show.

Darwin's Table at Sunset

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Rainclouds Over the Lake District - Weekly Photo

I have been starting to archive a lot of my old film and digital prints onto Flickr and I stumbled across this great pic from the Lake District in England take on my first digital camera with a whopping 3 megapixel sensor. You may notice the beginnings of a rainbow in the horizon of the picture. A beautiful place to visit if you ever get the chance.

Rainclouds Over the Lake District

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Wrigley Building, Chicago - Weekly Photo

One of my favorite times to photography is what's called the "blue hour" or the hour just before the sun rises or after the sun sets. This photo was taken on the 'Marvelous Mile' portion of Michigan Ave. I definitely enjoyed the architecture in Chicago, and I would definitely come back to truly explore this city.

Wrigley Building, Chicago

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White Pocket, Vermillion Cliffs - Weekly Photo

If I had a preference of when best to shoot photos I would say early morning, just before the sun rises. I feel like the cooler blue tones of the morning tend to create a better range of colors than the sunset time of day, which tends to be warmer and redder. I think this morning shot is a perfect example, especially with the orange and red rock to compliment the cool blue tones in the shadows.

This is another shot I took from White Pocket near the Utah-Arizona border. As you can see the surreal rock formations are quite a sight to behold.

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Mailboxes & Barn at Midnight - Weekly Photo

This Fourth of July I missed the usual fireworks show while we were up in Oakhurst, but I made sure not to miss the natural fireworks show which was at it's best around midnight. Finding the milky way took some work to find thanks to the light from the moon and the nearby cities, but as you can see the camera picked it up fine.

Mailboxes at Midnight
Barn at Night